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Trained Technicians. Fast Installations.

We work with manufacturers, dealers, and most importantly the end user to insure complete satisfaction down to the last screw. At Carolina Kitchen Repair, we offer fast appliance installation for the  food service industry in central North Carolina as well as surrounding areas. Our technicians are fully capable of installing your equipment properly. Don't forget to ask us about our preventative maintenance services.

Proper Installation Insures Proper Operation.

Many times over the years we have had to come behind other people who thought a short cut would save money.  I can assure you that it is cheaper to install it correctly the first time than it is to correct an improper installation.  You can take comfort in knowing that years of experience allows us to do an efficient job without cutting corners that result in poor craftsmenship. We stand behind our abilities and insure proper installation and operation of all of our jobs from beginning to end.

Contract Price

Before starting any work, we complete a free analysis of your location. Everything is surveyed, and a contract price is calculated based on our findings. We'll provide you with all of the upfront costs, as we don't believe in hiding fees.

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Following Up With You

Our professionals stand behind our work and guarantee everything. To reassure you, we follow up with you to ensure everything is running smoothly. If we find any problems, we'll take care of them.